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Digital Marketing is a Science

In my years as a marketing, branding and design professional, I've learned that data is the difference between companies that survive, and those that actually thrive.

My data-driven approach has transformed businesses, dramatically improving their metrics, sales, and most importantly, brand love. Take the leap, dive deep into data, and get the results you want!

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About Me

I am an international fractional digital marketing expert with experience in leveraging cutting-edge marketing strategies and building partnerships & stakeholder relationships.

I've worked in marketing, branding, and design for over a decade with large, established firms and brands. I learned a lot from them, but I decided to fly solo by establishing my own consultancy.

This is my way of bridging the gaps I saw in the industry and bringing a distinctive and personalized approach to the science and art of branding.

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What I Offer

Digital Marketing

I can’t help it, I geek out on this stuff! I increase brand visibility, market presence, and drive growth through audience connectivity and awareness. My history of success is directly related to my proficiency in global strategic and integrated Social and Digital Marketing, brand positioning, and being an expert in full-funnel marketing.

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I provide strategic advisory services centered around leadership, culture, and communication. I leverage the potency of storytelling to foster growth within businesses and teams. I bridge the gap between leadership and the wider organization serving as an impartial advisor who offers candid perspectives to leaders seeking an external viewpoint.

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I’m passionate about innovatively bringing brands to life and inspiring the people who make that possible. My presentations are geared toward audiences from college students to C-Suite executives who want to disrupt the marketing space. I personalize everything to accommodate your group.

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